Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Issue 7: The Bickering in the Issue

Welcome to Issue 7. We hope you've been enjoying our #BonesGraphicNovels.

In this issue, Booth and Brennan come to heads about a disagreement during their latest case. After the big argument, will they be able to put their differences aside or do they need a little help from some unlikely sources to talk to each other again? Find out in this action-packed 9 page issue!

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  1. I find myself addicted to your issues!!! ^_^

  2. Seriously, you guys rule!!! Best one yet!!!! These graphic novels are gonna get me through the summer break from Bones!!!! :D :D :D

  3. I love the "conspiracy". Great idea to include Hank, Parker and Max. The story brightened up my rather difficult day - thanks for that.

  4. You guys rock!!!! Thanks for the great effort & the story is so sweet, fox & HH should hire you guys to write the script! Looking forward to the next issue

  5. seriously . . . this thing is keeping me sane this summer-- so much more effective than youtube shipper videos!


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