Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Issue 6: The Couple in the Closet

Issue 6 revolves around the mystery of: who is that couple in the closet caught on camera?

Pages 1-4 can be DOWNLOADED to view offline using any image program OR use the build in magnifier on the Picassa page for each image to view in magnified mode if you experience difficulty in reading the text.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Hi-Res PDF


  1. Hahahahahaha!! I seriously LOVE your comics!!! So funny. Definitely helping with this crazy long hiatus!!!

  2. I´m from Spain and don´t speak english very weel...I just to say Thanks for your work in this page.

  3. I am actually 110% (even though i know that there's nothing more then 100% ;)) in love with this right now!!! it is keeping me going through these loonnngg hiatus hours- especially loved the alternate ending one...oh la la :) love, love, love it <3

  4. Really good and funny stuff here! Hope you continue. You need to get more attention, this is a work of art.

  5. Cool stuff! Who's the next one supposed to have a bit of fun? I hope it's Cam, she deserves a little time off from being the boss ;)

  6. I am really enjoying these comics!

  7. You guys rock my world. Daring to lampoon & parody one story panel at a time.

    The dialogue is spot on - Kudos to you! Keep up the excellent work...

  8. This is SUPERB work! You write each character so well, dare I say BETTER than what's written on the show. So funny. Really feels like a real episode. I loved the ending for this one. So sweet. Keep up the good work. You really should have more followers than you have now. This is great stuff.


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