Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Issue 24: The Eggs in the Basket

With Easter just around us, we've come up with an easter themed issue - full of antics and quick witt you've come to expect from the Bones Graphic Novel. We couldn't resist having our favorite characters partaking in an Easter Egg Hunt. An unsuspecting character gets stuck with egg duty. How will it end? How do you think? Read and find out in our latest 13 page action packed issue.

Picassa Web Album

we are now linking to the entire album where you can scroll and view/download each page

Hi-Res PDF


  1. This was really good! I loved it, it was just like an episode!

  2. Hi
    I really like it.
    I would like to have your permission for to translate of english to spanish. Obviously, you have the credit.
    Your sincerely



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