Monday, November 1, 2010

Issue 20: The Lying Duck in the Vacation

We're back, baby! After a nearly six week hiatus, we've come out of hiding to bring you Issue 20, "The Lying Duck in the Vacation." This is a special cross-over issue between Bones and Lie to Me. What happens when Sweets leaves for vacation and Brennan and Booth have to work with the one and only Cal Lightman? Find out now. Please enjoy and leave feedback - we love it and it might make us come out with future issues.

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  1. Loved it!!! two favourite shows. Good times :D

  2. Yay, you"re back! I haven't even looked at it yet and it makes me happy.

  3. I'm so glad u're back! I love this one and can't wait for more! :D


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