Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Issue 11: Part 4: The Conclusion

Here it is, part 4 of our Noir Issue. If you recall, part 1 started with Brennan working late at the lab on an unidentified set of remains in Limbo. Booth stops by to find Brennan working and seemingly upset. Angela's visual reconstruction on the man in question reveals a face all too familiar to Booth and Brennan. Thus begins the story of what could have possibly happened to "Frankie Booth", with a various cast of characters making the rounds in the story. Part 4 is our conclusion to this tale with a very special 'guest'. Is Booth a good storyteller? Find out now. We hope you've enjoyed this noir edition.

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  1. My favourite until now! ^^
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Hey! I just wanted to drop in and say I've been following this comic since Issue #1 and I love it! Between new comics day and new BitB, Wednesdays are my favorite day of the week!

    I've always wondered why Bones didn't have a comic series...I mean, I've seen Tpb's of a CSI Graphic novel at the shop, so it can be done with the genre, and Bones would have everything I find awesome about a comic: great art (because how cam you not with such gorgeous people?), interesting plotlines (because some storylines, like the chicken super-soldier, I mean...that belongs in comics!), and my squee-inducing Gail Simone-esqe banter and quirks!

    Keep up the great work and definetly keep having fun with it! More of the Cocky Belt Buckle "thinking"! More of the fun AU's like the noir arc! More Sweets and Angela! :)

    Until someone in comics wises up and we fans get a printed series, I am absolutely following this forever unless it ends at some point, LOL!

  3. These are really interesting and fun to read. I will be following these for an age! Good Job with them!


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